Make it Happen: The Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy


The Modern Manufacturing Strategy is a whole-of-government strategy to help Australian manufacturing scale-up, become more competitive and resilient — creating jobs for now and future generations.

Our vision

For Australia to be recognised as a high-quality and sustainable manufacturing nation that helps to deliver a strong, modern and resilient economy for all Australians.

We will achieve this through four pillars

The Strategy is the Australian Government’s action plan to develop manufacturing to deliver positive economic outcomes and create jobs.

Getting the economic conditions right for business Making science and technology work for industry Focusing on areas of advantage Building national resilience for a strong economy
  • Helping restore business confidence and recovery through the JobMaker plan
  • Delivering lower energy costs
  • Building management capability
  • Getting our tax settings right
  • Tackling red tape
  • Improving our industrial relations system
  • Aligning research and innovation capabilities and programs to priority areas
  • Unlocking investment proposals through the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund round two
  • Backing digital transformation
  • Setting National Manufacturing Priorities and developing road maps for action
  • Backing projects with wide reaching impacts through the Modern Manufacturing Initiative
  • Making supply chains more resilient to external shocks including through a Supply Chain Resilience Initiative
  • Supporting global market diversification

We will work closely with industry to achieve our goals

The Strategy is for industry, by industry. Government and industry are coming together to make bold changes that will create strong, resilient, thriving and internationally competitive manufacturing businesses.

2 years

Create the business environment to support manufacturing jobs and encourage new investment.

5 years

Support a more industry-focused science and technology system which helps boost productivity, scale and competitiveness.

10 years

Lock in productive and competitive firms with high impact sectoral growth.

Australia’s National Manufacturing Priorities

There are manufacturing growth opportunities in each of our National Manufacturing Priorities, with the potential to deliver long‑term transformational outcomes for the Australian economy.

  1. Resources Technology & Critical Minerals Processing
  2. Food & Beverage
  3. Medical Products
  4. Recycling & Clean Energy
  5. Defence
  6. Space

Key initiatives

Key initiatives will deliver immediate and long-term economic benefits.

$1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative

The MMI will transform manufacturing businesses and help them to scale-up, translate ideas into commercial successes and integrate into local and international value chains.

$107.2 million Supply Chain Resilience Initiative

The Supply Chain Resilience Initiative will help Australia address identified gaps in critical supply chains.

$52.8 million Manufacturing Modernisation Fund round two

The Manufacturing Modernisation Fund round two will deliver quick action to unlock business investment on shovel ready projects.

To learn more, go to: Our Modern Manufacturing Strategy | Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

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