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Integra Systems, established in 1991, is a 100% Australian-owned industrial product design and advanced manufacturing enterprise in Melbourne’s North, centered around light metal. With a motto to ‘Make Your Vision Real’, Integra transforms customer concepts into fully resolved designs that can then be produced in Integra’s advanced manufacturing facility.

As leaders in Industry 4.0, Integra’s proprietary innovations in i4.0 under the Integra TransForm division have been used to fully digitise their own operations, providing both the means and the example for other manufacturers to follow. Additionally, all Integra innovations are driven by the principles of The Circular Economy, particularly waste minimisation and a cradle-to-cradle approach across each stage of the design, manufacturing and repurposing lifecycle.

Working extensively with universities to nurture the ‘manufacturers of tomorrow’ and employing people from different cultures and backgrounds, Integra Systems constantly pushes boundaries while remaining committed to their core values: respect, progressiveness, collaboration, passion and sustainability.

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